Membership benefits:


  • Meet your continuing educational requirements (Act 54 for building enforcement officials), and thereby, increase your building code knowledge to become a better employee and service to your community.
  • Learn from others by sharing common concerns and ways of improving your professional work through fellowship with your peer group.
  • All meetings include a luncheon directly after the monthly program (expense included in your annual membership fee).
  • These local meetings offer a convenient method to attend educational classes without having to travel far distances to get your Act 54 educational classes.  Plus, our fees are ridiculously low for the amount of education you get as compared to traveling far distances to attend equivalent meetings and frequently paying larger seminar fees.
  • To promote uniformity in building code enforcement by learning about common code requirements that are consistently enforced.
  • To learn about new and proposed State code legislation and to know how you can participate in that action if desired.
  • To learn from construction industry experts about products and services relating to building codes.

type of Membership:

  • Active Membership:  This membership is for code officials who are registered in the State of Michigan to perform building code enforcement, construction inspections, and plan review.  Each member in good standing shall have a vote on all matters.  Honorary members who are voted in have their fee’s reduced by 50% and are considered Active members.
  • Honorary Membership: This membership has the same benefits of Active Membership. However, these members pay 50% for dues and seminars. Generally, our retired members will take this option. However, this membership is granted only after applying to the board to request approval of meeting the honoray requirements for this type of membership. If approved by the board, then this membership must later also be approved by the general membership each year.
  • Associate Membership:  This membership is for Individuals or representatives from business, industry or other organizations interested in the purposes and objectives of this organization.  An individual desiring this membership shall have an active member in good standing nominate them for membership before the association’s board for approval based on conformity with the objectives of this organization. Associate Members are not voting members and may not hold an office.

how to become a Member:

  • Determine the “type” of membership (above) that you are qualified for.
  • If you desire to become an “associate member” please fill out our membership application and where it states: “Member Who Recommends” please place the name of an active member who will recommend you for membership on that line.
  • Click on the link below to open up a pdf membership application form, fill out the missing information, and mail with the application fee to our association’s treasurer stated on the form.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact our association’s Secretary (contact information is listed on the membership application).